Karolina Sobecka is an interdisciplinary artist and designer.
Karolina’s work has been shown internationally, including at the Victoria & Albert Museum, MOMA Film, National Art Museum of China, ZKM, Zero1, ISEA, Beall Center for Art + Technology, Marfa Dialogues and Science Gallery. She has received multiple awards and commissions including from the Creative Capital, New Museum, Rhizome, NYFA, Eyebeam, Queens Museum, Princess Grace Foundation, and Vida Art and Artificial Life Awards.

Karolina is a visiting scholar at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and works at design studio Flightphase. She has taught at Rhode Island School of Design, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and University of Washington.

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I’m currently working on Matter of Air – an ongoing investigation of different aspects of the atmosphere. Taking the atmosphere as its object of study, this project delves into an investigation of the present notions of nature intertwined with social and technological systems. It maps the layers and flows of the infosphere, tracing the immaterial work of social systems inscribing themselves into the materiality of the planet, and remaking it. It explores the notion of science as able to understand, predict, model and perhaps even control natural processes.

The project is carried out by constructing and deploying devices and participatory practices that probe the knowledge, technology, ethics and ideologies of our culture. Public interventions demonstrate intricacy of interactions of social and natural systems and encourage public dialogue about atmospheric disruption. They range from organizing citizen observers to create a crowdsourced image of the sky that is equal and opposite to the image taken by a satellite at the same time, to founding a biotech startup which proposes the use of biosphere for data transfer and storage, to modifying the atmosphere one cloud at a time, to designing practices for employing body and senses in regulated athleticism which trains us for the impending transformation and the acute uncertainties associated with it.

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